• 1)  For optimum performance, choose the MELCO™ tape that best suits the material being welded, as well as the ultimate use of the finished product. Welding methods and conditions must be carefully selected to match both the tape and the material.
  • 2)  Tape welding machines use various methods to apply heat energy to the tape (heat conduction, thermal radiation, molecular thermal vibration, etc.). The amount of heat energy applied to a weld must take into account the relationship of the pressure on the weld to the duration of the weld. Additionally, the tension on the tape must be carefully controlled when using a sealing machine.
  • 3)  Not all of the heat applied to a weld is used to melt the adhesive; some heat dissipates into the materials surrounding the weld. The structure of the surface of the material is also an important factor.

Outstanding Technical Service

We will test your fabric and recommend the most suitable MELCO™ tape, along with providing optimum machine settings for your specific welding needs. We are happy to provide solutions for any problems you may experience with seam-sealing tapes. Our highly-experienced technical staff is at your service anytime you need additional information.