C. Tapes for CR-sponge:

Tapes for waterproof materials with expanded CR sponge

(Wooly nylon jersey)
an elastic cloth tape for marine suits with jersey-laminated CR (Neoprene™) sponge.

Due to the newly-designed primer and hotmelt adhesive layers, and a new way of combining of these layers, MELCO™ T-5000 series tapes have the following new capabilities:
1. Extremely secure bonding strength
2. Excellent elastic recovery (due to enhanced elastic extension). Deformations-normally the result of repeated stretching-is not a problem.
(Black jersey with Black diamond pattern dots)
Dot reinforced tape.
A special version of MELCO T-5000 with polyacrylic dots, suitable for gloves and marine suits, etc. 
(Black jersey with Black dots)

D. Tape for ultrasonically bonded seams:

This tape does not stretch in width, but has elastic stretchability lengthwise. Because MELCO™ RF-6200 tape uses the exact same primer/hotmelt adhesive as MELCO™ T-5000 tape, it has the same new advantages listed above. Therefore, MELCO™ RF-6200 tape is the ultimate tape for reinforcement of ultrasonically bonded seams.
We are available for custom product development, and will make every attempt to meet our customers' specifications. Please contact us for testing, further information about MELCO™ tape products, or free product catalogues and samples.

MELCO™ tape is used to seal seams and stitches on a variety of products. We have also introduced a new line of MELCO™ tapes, designed to reinforce ultrasonically-bonded seams. All tapes are applied using a hot air welding machine.